• Rapid CNC Machining Services

    KAIAO has introduced many Taiwan and Japan's Fanuc high-speed machining centers equipment. Facilities with maximum speed of 24,000 turn / min (an ordinary CNC equipment, 2 ~ 3 times), processing and accuracy up to 0.05mm are available, which is especially suitable for high-precision, high-intensity, large size requirements of the structural and functional model implementation. Material are available with ABS, PC, PP, POM, ABS/PC, PU foam, Acrylic (PMMA), Nylon (PA), aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, Bakelite, Stainless steel, etc.

  • Aluminum Machining & Sheet Metal Fabrication

    Rapid CNC aluminum machining & Sheet Metal Fabrication is one of our major manufacturing services in KAIAO. We make aluminum mechanical parts for aerospace industry, medical industry and automotive industry with fast lead time and good quality. With a variety of materials choices and without any MOQ requirement, we can make your first sample aluminum parts and sheet metal piece for your verification; when you’re ready, we also provide low volume manufacturing of 100,000+ parts.

  • Polyurthane Vacuum Casting
  • Polyurthane Vacuum Casting

    Polyurethane vacuum casting will make inexpensive silicone molds to cast numbers of copies through master patterns. Copies made in this way show great surface detail and fidelity to the original pattern. Not only low cost for molds, but great surface finish and fidelity to the original pattern will be duplicated, Many types of polyurethane resins are available for casting, such as ABS, PMMA, PC, Rubber, High Temperature Resistance material and Flame Retardant UL94-V0 material.

  • Reaction Injection Moding

    Low pressure injection is also known as Reaction Injection Molding (RIM). This is a new technology implemented to fabrication of rapid prototyping. After mixing the two components PU, inject the mixture into rapid prototyping mold under room temperature and low pressure. After polymerization, cross-linkage, and curing chemical reactions, physical part will be formed. High efficiency, short production cycle, simple process and low cost are the advantages of low pressure injection, which is suitable for small batch production, simple structural parts, large parts, even or uneven wall thickness parts verification.

Just wanted to drop you a note about the prototypes: I saw them in real life last week and they looked great!
Big thanks to you and your team for your great effort!

                                                                      -Designer Engineer, USA

Samples looked good. We were happy with the quality. Both the X17 and Fancy Wrap look great!
Thanks for the great work of you and your team!

                                                                -Design Director, France

I got the metal and check fit with all the plasticsand other pieces and it is looking great, we are very happy with it.
You provided many prototypes for us since 2015 and we were happy dealing with you!

                                                                       -Purchasing Manager, Italy


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