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2015-11-18    Author:KAIAO

Have you ever heard of 3C product? It’s an inclusive term denoting all products relevant to computer, communication and consumer electronic. To be specific, it covers desktop, laptops, tablet PC, USB, mobile phones, inter phone, headsets, TV, DVD, VCR, audio system, home/automotive theater, printing machine, projector, etc. Among these products, the most common thing is mobile phone. In recent years, we have witnessed the iPhone hyper heat which is leading a trend that consumer electronics is developing towards miniaturization, lightweight and customization. Excitingly, China precision prototype technology is almost catching up with the world advanced level.
KAIAO has been devoting to consumer electronics precision parts for more than fifteen years. So far it has turned out innumerable electronic prototypes and parts varying from cases and covers for TV, air conditioner, remote controller, telephone, printer, fax machine, tablet PC, router, mobile phone, inter phone, electronic watch, etc. With many year’s accumulation, KAIAO products, to a large extent, have reflected the China precision prototype industry status. Product display:
HUAWEI Tablet PC Case 

Remote Controller Case
We don’t venture declare that we are the best in the world, but we are confident to claim that we are the most dedicated in China precision prototype line. So if you are looking for a professional Chinese prototype supplier, we are your ideal solution.
Other Application Industries
As for industries, besides consumer electronics, we also serve industrial design and appliance, automobile and vehicle transportation, medical prototyping and appliance. As for application, we provide verifying and pilot manufacturing solution for new designs as well as low volume production. As for clients, we are at the service of any companies, agents or organizations working in the rapid prototyping and manufacturing sector.
Technology Support
We offer four mainstream prototyping methods: CNC rapid precision machining, SLA prototyping, Rapid Vacuum Casting and Rapid Injection Molding. The equipment we possess include fifteen FANUC CNC machining centers, two pieces of 3D system SLA prototyping device, four full electronic control vacuum injection systems, two RIM machines and one tri-linear coordinates measuring instrument. On technologies and equipment, we vow two things: standard production flow(including surface treatment, finishing, reaching standard precision level) and routine overhauls.
Other Highlight Services
1. Provide professional evaluation and suggestions on your design.
2. Strict material control, saving your money.
3. Supervision throughout production and traceable schedule.
4. Custom packing and punctual delivery.
5. Within contract time-frame, repair and rework are available if needed.
Trust us, trust China precision prototypes! 
Product Brochures
KAIAO offers a fast and inexpensive solution to simple model making with rapid prototyping. Such as: CNC, SLA, Vacuum Casting...

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