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Discussion on Plastic Toy Prototypes

2017-05-17    Author:KAIAO

Plastic Toy Prototype is a kind of prototype model that is difficult to do in the rapid prototyping industry as a lot of customers requires the plastic toy prototype to be operable between the various parts, which is believed to be a high demand and challenge for plastic toy prototype masters. Sometimes masters don’t have to assemble prototypes in accordance with customers’ design ideas if they have better suggestions. Masters in KAIAO, one of the top toy prototype man ufacturers are always able to give suggestions because they are all full experienced with practical ability.
There are many toy prototype manufacturers making plastic toy prototypes as well as doll prototypes and a majority of them are in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Toys prototypes requires good masters with better skills and so there a few that are able to do professional plastic toy prototypes. In addition to the rapid prototyping masters’ ability and experience, there is one more reason why few toy prototype companies make good toy prototypes, that is PA66, a high strength material, as the toy prototypes are required to achieve a high resistance to extrusion performance.
However, PA66 cannot be separated and must overall process, which gives great difficulties to CNC machining and makes some toy prototype manufacturers shrink back in plastic toy prototyping. With strong technical experience, KAIAO is your top choice to make good plastic toy prototypes and the toy prototype cost is relatively low. Feel free to contact KAIAO for a free quote. 
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