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Industrial Design and Prototype Models

2015-11-18    Author:KAIAO


Rapid Prototyping technology can provide advantages to your industrial design projects, especially in DFM(design for manufacture) cases. In the early stage of development cycle, full scale prototype models will provide you complete information both in functional and conceptual senses. Solid models are the most effective tools for communicating with customers. They are also the tools for assessing your digital model before it’s put onto production line. 
Design Optimization
There are many things to consider in developing a new product. Off top of our heads is customer acceptance. Then manufacturability - the potential to be produced.
Communication is significant for product designing. CAD files, prints, perspectives usually fail to reflect designers’ ideas accurately, and the inaccuracy is liable to lead to misunderstanding between designing and marketing personnel. Making rapid physical models will facilitate communication, reducing unnecessary misunderstanding.
Smooth communication will guarantee many factors in defining a successful product. Those factors include favored design, potential customer basis, market stability, producibility, and product’s developmental sustainability.
Cost Reduction
Effective prototype models can reduce cost considerably.
Wallace Industry Report has indicated that changes made during designing phase cost $100, while same changes made during production phase may cost 100 times bigger than that figure. It also indicates that, lack of communication, too many variables, and long than preset time are the main reasons raising production cost.
Starting from concept stage, lack of communication will cause more and more costs till production phase. Industrial design prototyping can make each staff reflect and communicate at earlier stages(especially designing stage) because the earlier it is, the lower the cost is. Design highlights and key details are finished within the early 10% of total development cycle. Those highlights and details will decide nearly 80% of total production costs from material choice, manufacture technique and design expectancy angles. RP can deliver prototype models with high reference value in a very short period, speeding up the whole process.
Time to market is another important competitive edge. McKinsey company recently release a research that if a product is entering marketplace 6 month later than its preset time, it will lose as much as 33% of its possible gross profit. 
KAIAO has been engaged in prototype models, silicone molding, RIM prototyping, and low volume production plastic and hardware parts for 20 years in China with services scope including home appliances, digital products, communication equipment, office appliance, medical and health care devices, auto parts, and more. Our professional production capacity will bring you different design experience.
For more design tips, please visit: http://www.kaiao-rprt.com/faq/what-attention-should-designers-pay-to-get-a-better-prototype.html
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