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Doll Prototype Maker: Better Silicone Rapid Prototypes

2017-03-20    Author:KAIAO

Doll Prototype Maker

In the room of sixty square meters, the men in a white coat, facing a naked female body, leaning forward with a bow back, moves the mouse to change the perspective and observe the 3D model. This is KAIAO’s development center for rapid doll prototypes, where the first step of silicone dolls comes to the world.
In KAIAO’s R & D office, there is a live-size skeleton model, a pint-sized body muscle model and 3D human body scanning system designed by KAIAO. In addition to the assistance by the above equipment, stylists also browse a wide variety of physical images to observe and study, making KAIAO a better doll prototype maker.

The technical workers are injecting the silicone to the mold, after it is filled, you need to wait six to eight hours for the doll prototype to be solidified.

What Silicone Rapid Prototype does KAIAO Bring You?

As a doll prototype maker, KAIAO is able to make over 10 kinds of body, 22 kinds of head, 3 kinds of skin color, 4 kinds of pupil color, 2 kinds of joints , 5 kinds of hair, 2 kinds of finger bone by its rapid prototyping technology. In theory, these components can be combined with 52,800 different silicone dolls for you to meet different people’s likes.
KAIAO is able to do all kinds of silicone rapid prototype or doll prototype for you no matter how complex the design is. Generally, other rapid prototyping companies is able to make doll prototypes with only 32 joints, however, KAIAO, one of the world top doll prototype makers, are able to produce inflatable doll prototypes with over a hundred joins to make the dolls look more like a real person. Alternatively, KAIAO is able to add over 16 motors to your silicone dolls to simulate human’s face muscles movements like blink, gape, tongue and so on.

KAIAO helps you create silicone doll rapid prototypes with different identity: office workers, nurses, flight attendants and so on.

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