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RIM Low Pressure Perfusion Molding for Bumpers Rapid Prototypes

2017-04-18    Author:KAIAO

Many of the new plastic molding process are driven by the development of the automobile industry. In the highly competitive automobile market today, rapid prototyping companies will always have to develop new plastic processing technology with continuous innovation in order to meet the needs of vehicles being lightweight so as to occupy more future market share.
RIM (Reaction Injection molding) is one of a variety of new plastic molding process. Because of its high efficiency, short production cycle, simple process, low cost as well as other advantages, RIM is suitable for the product development of small batch trial production, and low volume production, simple covers and large-scale thick-walled and uneven wall thickness products.

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RIM molding is a kind of molding process that mixes two or more high-active raw materials under pressure, impinge-mix through the mixing head and inject into the mold to produce prototypes along with the chemical reaction. RIM molding can be used to produce fender, body panels and other large parts.
RRIM (enhanced reaction injection) molding is a kind of RIM moulding that adds fiber or filler in the liquid raw material components. RRIM moulding can produce good impact of the car shells, such as car door panels.
SRIM (structural reaction injection) molding produces roof frame, shell, trunk lid, bumper and so on. The glass fiber reinforced SRIM bumper produced by KAIAO for one of the top car manufacture in China, weighs about 3.45kg (7. 6lb) and it perfectly replaces the original steel bumper which is about 7kg. That is 50% of weight reduction and impact resistance also improves. KAIAO’s RRIM Polyurethane products have been used as a rear panel for the German Volkswagen.

RIM Low Pressure Perfusion Molding Parameters

Applicable mold: ABS mold (100 or more); resin mold (300 or more); aluminum mold (more than 1000).
Casting material: two-component polyurethane PU.
Currently used materials: HD-PU4210, DCP-RIM, AXSON-RIM 875.
Physical properties: similar to PP / ABS. Anti-aging, impact resistance, high degree of fit, easy loading and unloading and so on.
Injection pressure: about 10MPa. Flow control: 600g / s.
General working time: 15-30 minutes / piece, stripping temperature can be controlled below 40 ℃, after stripping parts in the 80 ℃ environment for 2-4 hours curing the best performance.
Standard copy accuracy: ± 0.20mm / 100mm.
Pouring sample thickness: the best casting thickness of 4 ~ 6mm, the maximum casting thickness of 10mm.
Maximum pouring workpiece: 2000mmX1200mmX1000mm, 10KG.

RIM Low Pressure Perfusion Molding for Car Front and Rear Bumper Rapid Prototypes

1) Prototype: CNC machining, material for the ABS plate.
2) Mold: Epoxy mold or ABS mold.
3) Note: low pressure perfusion, the material for the PU resin HD-RIM4210 / 1100, DCP-RIM, AXSON-RIM 875/900.
4) Post-processing: sandblasting \ painting.
5) Detection: tooling fixture stitching, coordinate measurement.
6) Accuracy control:
Prototype: the main positioning hole ± 0.3mm / 1000mm, the general installation hole ± 0.5mm / 1000mm, other size ± 1.0mm / 1000mm.
Note: Main positioning hole ± 0.5mm / 1000mm, the general installation hole ± 0.8mm / 1000mm, other size ± 1.5mm / 1000mm.
KAIAO always believes that if we don’t master new technologies, there is no future business. With the development and application of new injection molding process like RIM, Gas Assisted Injection Molding, Water Assisted Injection Molding etc., KAIAO offers better plastic prototypes for automobiles like bumpers, fender, body panels etc.
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