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Toy Car Prototyping Service

2015-11-18    Author:KAIAO


As an indispensable part of KAIAO’s full integrated service, toy prototypes have been given high investment in order to facilitate higher quality and shorter production run. Toy prototyping has taken up nearly 20% of our business. We have full capacity to deliver almost any prototypes for any purposes.
Both 3D printing and CNC prototyping(also called CNC rapid machining) are available to make toy prototypes. We can process either according to your choice of prototyping method or by advising you on more appropriate one. Our advice is based on multiple basis like your material, lead time, precision, purpose, budget, etc. 
Choice of Method
Among those varied basis, precision and purpose are especially considered. Usually prototypes for profiting purpose like design for production as well as market are suggested with 3D printing, while prototypes for non-profiting purposes like crafts, collection, exhibition and personal hobby are recommended with CNC. This is because 3D printed items are less precise, delicate and smooth than CNC products. On the contrary, CNC machining can reproduce the superficial and functional effect of the original item as much as 100%. Here is an example of CNC machining --- a mini toy car. According to our client, “I’m amazed by your toy prototyping skills. It’s so wonderful! It’s of limited edition and the car door can be opened&shut and car light can be turned on. It’s practically a real car in a much smaller size”. 
Toy Prototyping
Although CNC machining has been existing for more than half a century, it still plays an important role in industrial manufacture, never going obsolete. This is caused by the technology’s intrinsic advantage --- extreme high capability to reproduce the features of the original model. CNC was KAIAO’s elementary technology when it was firstly set up in the 1990s. Thus we have accumulated abundant intellectual skills and experiences in CNC processing as a support to our production capacity. What’s more, our high proficiency is backed up by the latest machining device as well as computering tools. Realizing that those are not enough --- we also stress fostering personnel’s enlightenment like professional skills and professional ethics, work enthusiasm, collective spirits, etc.
We have offered toy rapid prototyping service to big enterprises as well as individuals. Our assistance has reached out to a university graduate with his graduation project---an industrial design of a car. We see no difference between big customer and minor customer. Therefore, if you have a 3D stretch, come to us! Our toy prototyping service is always open for you.
Besides CNC machining and 3D printing(SLA) services, we also provide Vacuum Casting and Reaction Injection Molding for production parts. 
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KAIAO offers a fast and inexpensive solution to simple model making with rapid prototyping. Such as: CNC, SLA, Vacuum Casting...

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