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  • CNC rapid precision machining
    KAIAO are experienced in CNC programming and processing, we combine the best modern technologies and manual skills, to provide you the high standard processing services.
  • SLA rapid prototyping
    KAIAO processing abilities are presented through the high-precision, high-efficiency machines and professional staff with over 20 years experiences, we equip 2 SLA machines with different specifications in our workshop.
  • Rapid Vacuum Casting
    RTV molding and urethane casting for rapid prototyping . Silicone Mold Making is a cost effective Rapid Tooling process often used in the production of Rapid Prototypes . Parts with intricate shapes and surface details can be Vacuum Cast or Pressure Cast with limited shrinkage and properties that simulate production materials.
  • Rapid Reaction Injection Molding
    RIM (Reaction Injection Molding), is a Rapid Tooling process where parts are made from mixing and injecting PU materials into a mold and cured through a process of polymerization (molecular cross-linking) in a low pressure / room temperature environment.
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