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Appearance Inspection
Efficient, economical plastic prototypes help to verify design and function. A good simulated product is not only a witness to advanced equipment, but also a witness to a company’s professional attitude. For plastic prototyping, we always use the most accurate instrument to inspect every finished product. Here let’s have a look at the appearance check for intercom plastic parts
Before verifying surface inspection, we need to learn A, B and C three sections which will be given different levels of inspection and treatment. 

What’s section A, B and C?
When we are standing right ahead of a prototype and looking at it, the areas that leap into our eyes directly are section A. That is to say the front, the upper and the other visible sections belong to section A. Then if we are walking around the prototype, we will see the profile and back areas. These are called section B. And the rest areas are section C, including the bottom and the interior part. In general, sections are divided according to our visual range.
Inspection Items for Plastic Prototyping
The intercom covering parts in the photo have passed these exams. In the process of checking, if unsatisfactory parts are found, they will be either modified or discarded, depending on situation. We prohibit letting any unqualified products go to our clients. 
After 19 years experience in the industry, we have amassed extensive expertise in plastic prototyping. Your trust is our greatest driving force.

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