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CNC Machining Prototypes 
KAIAO uses proprietary software running on large-scale computers to translate your 3D CAD design into instructions for high-speed CNC-milling equipment. Our current fifteen CNC machining device are introduced from a Japanese company named FANUC which is one of the world’s three largest prototyping device facilities. These machine can rotate at a speed of 24000 revolutions per second. As a result, we can produce small quantities of prototypes in a short time. We are capable of producing wide range of work-pieces.
Metal Parts
Most parts are made from various grades of aluminum(Custom Aluminum CNC Machining), magnesium, zinc, steel, or brass. Our CNC machining services feature personalized ideas to provide parts and components. We offer turning, milling, drilling, tapping, engraving, threading and grinding process. Our high-speed vertical and horizontal machining centers produce accurate and efficient machined parts that suit a wide range of industries. Comparing with traditional manual machining, we find the sparkle of CNC metal prototyping lies in broader metal options, faster speed, lower cost, higher precision and better quality. Besides, metal parts can also be prototyped by Metal Injection Moulding.
Plastic Parts
Despite that RIM (see KAIAO's Plastic Reinforced Reaction Injection Molding in automobiles) and vacuum casting have occupied a certain portion of the plastic prototyping realm, CNC still plays an indispensable role in it . This is rooted in CNC’s internal advantages. It offers wide range of material choice, from basic ABS and PU to special resin material POM, PC, PMMA and PP. This is a highlight where RIM and vacuum casting can’t get. PC and PMMA (acrylic) are both used for the manufacturing of clear acrylic prototypes by CNC machining. Depending on the level of clarity required, the parts will be hand-polished to the required standard. Prototyping lenses and light-pipes via CNC technology offers the opportunity to do market researches ahead of large volume production.
Although KAIAO has won many qualifications, awards and honors through its painstaking work and pioneer spirits at home and abroad in CNC machining line, it refuses to be self-conceited.  Like old days, KAIAO persists in tracing all orders from head to toe, including project discussion, price query, equipment maintenance, PMC, manufacture process supervision, quality tests, logistic tracking, complaints and feedback, etc. We are serious about each step in an order. By doing these, we strive to ensure that our client will receive good products with no delay, error, or imperfection. Guided by our corporate motto, we are eager to serve and attract more reliable business partners.
Get us involved early and we will help you spend your money wisely. 

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