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Computer Numerical Control machining has combined the high efficiency of additive manufacturing process with parts that are milled from engineering-grade plastics and metals for requested functionality and cosmetic appearance.
Due to high speed and accuracy, CNC machining is also called CNC rapid prototyping by its enthusiast. The whole procedure of CNC machining consists of two stages: CNC programing and CNC operation. Before starting serious business with us, you are welcome to make a query.

Quoting will be your first engagement with us. When sending your digital model to us, please specify your material, quantity, budget, finish, application (if possible), overall expectation and essentially communicate as much information about the product results as possible. Your model will be analyzed and assessed by our responsive engineers to make instant suggestions and quotes. 
CNC Programing
An accurate CNC program is the basis of fluent flexible motion directions and it’s hugely decided by three factors: up-to-date CNC programming software, the programmer’s indepth knowledge about the specific CNC machines. We are in possession of 15 three-axis Fanuc machines which can perform a complete set of commands like turning, drilling, boring, milling, grinding, polishing, etc. The axes names vary from one machine tool type to the next. We feel proud that our engineers know each machine well and can program precise tool paths for each one to ensure that your part geometry can be fulled reached.

Part Production
During the production, a solid block of material is clamped into a CNC machine and cut into a finished part according to CNC programing. Our three-axis machines can process a part from up to six orthogonal sides to achieve as many features as possible. Meanwhile we have a full package of tool sets based on efficient cutters for different material or material type--- plastics, soft metal and hard metal. Although we are not molding your part, but the final part we get is nearly indistinguishable from molded parts, with meticulous finishes it’s even better than the master mold!  When the production is complete and your required surface finish is applied, parts will be packed and shipped shortly thereafter.
We support an ever-increasing maximum part size with 1400*700*600mm and maximum degree of precision and complexity. As a frontier prototype maker in CNC prototyping China, we have felt the strongest desire ever to advance CNC programing, production and customer service level.

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