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Combination manufacture prototype 

Rapid Prototyping (RP) can be defined as a group of techniques used to quickly fabricate a scale model of a part or assembly using three-dimensional(3D) data. These techniques include CNC, SLA, RIM, Rapid Vacuum Casting, etc. Each prototyping method has its own advantages and can be used to prototype. KAIAO, as an experienced prototyping company, has learned to cross use these techniques to make optimal products within least lead times.
The following is a showcase of combined application of rapid prototyping.
Let’s see why and how SLA and Rapid Vacuum Casting can coordinate perfectly.


The biggest advantage of SLA is that it’s the most accurate and versatile rapid prototyping technology available. Due to their accuracy and ability to reproduce fine details, SLA patterns are perfect for use as concept models, form-and-fit studies, functional testing, and as master patterns for a variety of molding techniques. In KAIAO prototyping company, molding precision can go as far as 0.05mm and layer scanning can be as narrow as from 0.1 to 0.15mm. Therefore, in this case, SLA is mainly used for rapid prototyping. It’s used to produce the early a few or several high quality master prototypes according to 3D drawings.

Rapid Vacuum Casting

Rapid Vacuum Casting has two strengths. One, vacuum casting is ideal for producing small quantities of parts, especially if aesthetics are important. Two, the silicone mold has sufficient flexibility that undercuts can be released by flexing the tool, although deep draws may require additional tooling splits. In this case, vacuum casting is used for fast manufacturing. After we get the confirmed master prototype via SLA, we use it as a template to produce a silicone mold in vacuum environment. Finally we use the silicone mold to copy simulated parts.
To sum up, SLA undertakes the responsibility of creating an accurate prototype, while Rapid Vacuum Casting focuses on fast producing in low-volume production. As for lead times, we have enforced strict production control to ensure that delivery date can meet the deadline. Even if there was a delay, we would catch up with the final deadline after consulting with customers. Besides sound system parts, many other similar parts can also be made in the similar way. If you need anything alike, please contact us. Moreover, if you have any novel designs or any custom requests, please also try to contact us. Our engineering staff would be honored to offer suggestions. We KAIAO prototyping company as a whole, will offer our best service.

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