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Finish Options for CNC prototyping 
As a 19-year-old prototyping services company, KAIAO is always in pursuit of excellence, requiring perfection from the first step of a project to its very final step. The final step in CNC prototyping is the finishing of mock-ups. KAIAO offers wide range of finish options. It can not only achieve standard finishes, but also meet customer’s specified needs. 
Standard Level Finishes
This level refers to the most basic universal finishing procedures. It involves the removal of the support structure(which is often made of plaster) used in the manufacturing process, the erase of unnecessary ugly stains, the inspection of overall dimensions for accuracy and consistency, the flattening of bulges, the bonding and filling seam of segmented parts together if built in multiple separate parts, painting, polishing(as shown in the picture below), sanding, drilling holes, etc. Although these finishes are universal, we always discipline ourselves to pay more attention than other people in the same line. For example, we have a rather strict inspection standard. If a product is not living up to the standard, it will be returned to the workers to be modified. 
Customized Finishes
In the finishing link of CNC prototyping, beyond standard finishes, custom finishes are available to help you achieve the appearance you need for your parts. First, KAIAO can beautify the surface. Concretely speaking, cosmetic surface imperfections can be applied to cover flaws or just to wipe out rigid. More excitingly, KAIAO can paint or prime part with a light texture for a smooth consistent appearance. What’s more, KAIAO even can simulate the appearance of a production art. For example, we can make the prototype take on the appearance of marbles, wood or many other arts. Other popular finishing options include silk screening, pad printing, laser etching, chemical etching, chrome etching, anodizing, blast finishing, mirror finishing, vapor polishing, e-plating, UV-coating, all of which can be achieved with great success. Working with KAIAO, you can specify all your requests like color, texture, photo effect, etc. Practically, all your needs will be satisfied.

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