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SLA: Giant in Rapid Prototyping 
Rapid prototyping, also called 3D printing, will soon be worth $3 billion worldwide, according to Forbes Magazine. With thousands of enterprises and organizations using varied rapid prototyping methods, it may surprise you to learn that those methods all originate from one man and his invention: stereolithography(also referred as SLA rapid prototyping or SLA prototyping).
The concepts of SLA and 3D printing were originally developed by Charles Hull in 1983. Even though it’s more than 30 years old, SLA is still one of the most effective and popular additive manufacturing technologies we use here at KAIAO.  
KAIAO: SLA rapid prototype
Why Use SLA?
Despite its age, SLA rapid prototyping has two advantages that make it a great option for anyone needing 3D-printed parts or prototypes.
First and foremost, speed. SLA is the fastest additive manufacturing processes in use today. With SLA processing, functional parts can be produced from digital model in a minimum of one day, ranging according to order specification. Such high speed is due to the properties of the manufacturing process itself: photosensitive resin cure instantly when exposed to UV lasers, meaning there is no additional curing time needed.
Secondly, precision. There are two major reasons responsible for accuracy. One, the resin layers are extremely thin, allowing themselves to overlay together precisely. Two, the UV lasers that solidify the resin layers are exact, giving the parts excellent resolution in all dimensions. In general, SLA rapid prototyping is more accurate than SLS, FDM and reaction injection molding, and can work parts with tolerances close to CNC machining.
The exhibit in the following image has displayed where KAIAO’s SLA precision can go.
What We do?
Even though SLA technique has certain theoretical strengths, we understand practical skills and solid equipment are indispensable. In fact, quality parts and prototypes derive from multiple factors like material, machinery, craft-ship, working perimeter, the quality of the employee, work attitude, etc.
Our SLA facilities all come from reputable 3D SYSTEMS, and resins from HUNTSMAN company. We only select the best grade of material to keep the precision level at ±0.1mm. After parts or prototypes are produced, they will be subject to strict quality inspection. Anything unqualified will be either reworked or repaired, never getting by. We stress technical breakthrough for the engineers and professional training for the workers to make sure we are progressing as a whole. Clean, organized working environment and positive working atmosphere are much advocated in facilitation to best products. We have nearly 20 years experience in SLA rapid prototyping. If you’re looking for a quick prototype, we would be your first choice!

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