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RP & low volume production
As an outstanding rapid prototyping facility, KAIAO offers two types of rapid molding technologies, rapid injection molding and vacuum casting, to support product development project. Our services focused on the fast prototyping and low volume production of structural, visual and functional prototypes.
For a new product, prior to a valid design and market research, any large scale production is costly and venturesome. Our success as a product development service company is based on our proficiency to provide high quality, precise and quick prototypes to help our clients to test, modify and confirm designs, making sure that prototypes getting closest to final output in multiple terms of appearance, performance, etc.
Enterprise Value
KAIAO’s rapid molding business unit has its roots as a prototyping and low volume production service group. Back in the 90s we realized that designers, engineers and new-product-development specialists needed a quick way to have parts with production performance characteristics as well as economies of scale. Early attempts to provide rapid solutions led to some rapid tools that were produced by applying spray metal and epoxy resin cast process. Today we have combined varied high-speed rapid tooling solutions (check here to see more about rapid tooling and types of rapid tooling) with advanced management styles to optimize quality and efficiency. Although our operations have evolved with technological advances and increasingly demanding customer requirements, our enterprise tenet to serve remains as always.

Unique Management
KAIAO has been recognized as a SGS supplier of rapid prototypes in 2014 July. To comply to the SGS standard, besides equipment, technology and skills, we have set up an integrated management system focusing on details. Details are as following. 1. All phases from material procurement, manufacture, post-production treatment to quality inspection and delivery are documented to make sure each phase is under meticulous control. 2. Detailed inspection reports recording dimensions and other client-specified criteria are presented regularly. 3. Copies of inspection results are forwarded with each shipment regardless of the quantity ordered. 4. Inspection protocol is tailored to meet individual program requirements. Many other unlisted specifics are also carried out to ensure premium prototyping and low volume production.
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Selecting and recommending the right type and grade of resin for molding hinges on a thorough understanding of the product’s application--all application characteristics need to be carefully weighed before a determination is made. As a comprehensive prototyping company in China we can offer the most professional suggestions. Rapid prototyping and low volume production are totally of our specialty. So why not contact us? 

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