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Rapid prototyping has been extremely vital to industrial design and development as it can bring ideas to life and help to test multiple index. Without RP, who can estimate the loss of blind production? The answer is no one --- the number is too large to be estimated. KAIAO rapid prototyping service is your ideal solution to fast, high quality prototyping and tooling requirements.

Company Overview
KAIAO is China’s premier 3D printing, rapid prototyping company and has excelled as the partner of choice in the transformation of 3D digital models into raw solid prototypes, finished prototypes and short-run manufactured products for nearly two decades.
KAIAO offers the largest array of rapid prototyping services including Stereo Lithography(SLA), CNC machining, Vacuum Casting and Reaction Injection Molding. Our goal is to ensure the highest quality prototypes and parts, eliminating broker or agent markups, and third party shipping delays.
An Insight into KAIAO
Each day hundreds pieces of prototypes and parts are delivered from the 3,000 square meters complex as a fruit of 170 personnel’s technical operation as well as high-tech facilities.
Explore your concepts with our full suite of technologies and equipment.

  ITEM  Equipment Description QTY. Brand Precision(mm) Size(mm)
1 CNC  6 FANUC ±0.05mm 1100*550*500
2 CNC  9 Tai Wan Brand ±0.05mm 1100*550*500
3 SLA 1 USA 3D SYSTEMS 0.05mm

maximum speed(240k/s)
4 Vacuum Injection Machine 4 Tai Wan FEELING  ±0.1mm 2000*1200*1000
5 Reaction Injection Molding Machine 2 Domestic DingTai ±0.1mm 2000*1200*1000
6 CMM (coordinate measuring machine) 2 SFARO ±0.025mm 2400*2400*2400
7 Digimatic Caliper 1 Domestic ±0.01mm 300 
8 Microcalliper 2 SFARO ±0.01mm 100/50
9 Digimatic Height Gage 1 Domestic Hong Feng ±0.04mm 600 

Besides, our state of the art painting facilities, finishing services and post process options allow us to offer custom finished and color matched precision prototypes which will make it difficult for even the keenest observer to distinguish the prototype from the real thing! Our rapid prototyping service is more artistic instead of commercial!
Ready to prototype?
Our wide range of rapid prototyping technologies and material working processes can produce almost any 3D shape of any size. Our products allow you to touch and interact with your design and observe details only possible from a physical model. Are you ready to unleash your creativity? Forward us to enjoy our rapid prototyping service!

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