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RIM (Reaction Injection Molding), is a Rapid Tooling process where parts are made from mixing and injecting PU materials into a mold and cured through a process of polymerization (molecular cross-linking) in a low pressure / room temperature environment. Because of KAIAO's High Efficiency, Short Cycle, Low Cost Production Runs, we can offer the best RIM processing solutions & assure fast deliveries worldwide.
We always strive to improve our products & services and to meet the exact requirements of our clients. Success at KAIAO is driven by our professional RIM techniques & close cooperation with material suppliers. Through the use of our applied techniques & innovative materials, we offer highly customized PU products.
 Simple & Convenient Molding Processes  Professional and Low Cost Mold Design & Mold Making
   Compared to Plastic Injection Molding, rapid injection molding is a more simple and convenient process with a shorter production cycle. Compared to Vacuum Casting, RIM offers a higher level of automation and efficiency. Compared to Thermo-Forming and Board Bonding, RIM is a more flexible design option. RIM parts can be designed with elaborate surface details and Class A surfaces, with integrated structures and different wall thicknesses, and with machining stability and accuracy.    When making RIM molds, clients can choose to use low cost casting materials. Using ABS, Epoxy, and Aluminum mold making materials, KAIAO can make molds of all sizes for all kinds of applications. Our RIM Technicians provide professional technical suggestions and the best solutions in accordance with each client's specific project requirements. At KAIAO, RIM Mold Design and Mold Making services can be completed within 2 weeks or less.
 Big &Thinwalled Parts  
   With our experience in mold design, mold making, controlling precision processes, and using quality materials, KAIAO can make large RIM parts with 3 to 6 mm wall thicknesses that have High Rigidity and High Strength. Even though the walls are only 3 to 6 mm thick, the edge of the material is rigid and strong enough to provide excellent stability.    

Designability & Unctionality of PU Products
KAIAO can provide clients customized PU products for both design and function. Our RIM materials are economical and ideal, offering designers endless design possibilities and obtainable solutions.

  A. KAIAO can provide clients customized PU products for both design and function. Our RIM materials are economical and ideal, offering designers endless design possibilities and obtainable solutions. 
  B. The structure of Integral Skin Foam consists of a soft (foam like) inner core and a firm (skin like) outer surface. With a density of 500-1200 kg/m³, Integral Skin Foam is a safe, comfortable, ultra-light weight material with a high degree of durability. Integral Skin Foam can be used for Rigid, Semi-Rigid, and Flexible applications; making it an ideal material to meet the ergonomic needs of Medical Devices, Automotive Interiors, Game Machines, Rides, and Sports Equipment. 
C. RIM PU offers high strength and excellent durability as well as Oil Resistant and Water Resistant properties making it suitable for house hold appliances and sanitary wares. In addition, RIM PU offers good insulation and shock absorption, adheres firmly to metal protecting it from corrosion, and can be molded at room temperatures; making it the ideal material for electronic and appliance covers. 
  D. RIM PU allows designers the freedom to create curved surfaces with accurate surface details in 4 to 20 mm wall thicknesses. RIM PU materials provide sound properties similar to wood and can be painted Piano Black, making RIM PU an ideal solution for High Quality Loudspeakers and Modern Furniture.

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