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SLA Prototyping
It is well-established that SLA is the most precise prototyping method in rapid manufacturing. SLA has many inherent advantages. It boasts of high efficiency and nearly 100% material usage rate. Because it can make extreme high precision prototypes, it’s often used to produce complicated and intricate objects like electronic and mechanical components, jewelry, art-ware, etc.
The following picture is displaying a KAIAO product---an art-ware showing a Chinese traditional propitious animal. As we can see, the mini-statue is rather lifelike. It can certify how eager KAIAO is to strive for precision.
The average SLA processing includes data preparation, manufacturing and quality inspection. In constant pursuit of precision prototypes, KAIAO starts from those three procedures.
Our engineering staff is here to help you not only ensure your parts for most accurate molding practices but also decide the most economical way to prototype. We offer different solutions to suit your prototyping needs.
There are 2 major approaches to control precision.
1) When the laser is scanning the photosensitive resin layer by layer, we must ensure that the cured layers are not more than 0.1mm.
2) As for some prototypes with simple structures, we will perform rigid quality checks on precision.
Enhance quality checks and finishes. Taking the mini-statue for instance. We have done the following checks to gain precision prototypes.
1)Check the overall measurement. We use scanners to measure its size and compare the results with client’s requests.
2)Check the wall-thickness. Wall-thickness should be in one-to-one correspondence with what’s demanded. And different parts on the animal’s body are in different thickness. For example, the head is thicker than beards.
3)Check proportion. The mini-statue has a very intricate body shape(four legs, two horns) and many delicate ends like beards, hairs and scales. We must check whether these details are in proper location and proportion. As an art piece, a pleasing appearance is especially important.
By following above-mentioned guidelines, the ultimate purpose is to ensure precision. We have brought in two most advanced SLA prototyping machines from US 3D SYSTME Company. With these high-tech equipment and rigorous working attitude, we have helped many customers to produce precision prototypes successfully. In the future, we will work harder to serve the industry. 
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