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It’s easy to find clear plastic items in our life. Many assemblies include clear components as well. Although clarity is mostly dictated by raw materials and the choice of technologies, post production treatment also matters a lot in deciding final visual effect. This article introduces sanding and painting, two surface treatment techniques which accentuate prototype’s ultimate clarity.
Clear acrylic prototypes are mostly used in transparent devices because the material PMMA is absolutely translucent. Sanding is the most crucial step for acrylic prototypes because it’s set up for ensuring 100% translucency. As what we do to other kinds of prototypes, we remove surface anomalies like edges and bulges to reduce the roughness of the surface. It is very important not to over-sand a part causing it to lose its features or to deform its surfaces. We also rinse the surface carefully. Appropriate detergent and reagent are employed to ensure that stains are washed off without damaging the surface. The general principle is to rinse the part frequently during and thoroughly between each step to remove any vestiges which could damage the surface of the object further. Furthermore once the sanding process is completed, let the part air-dry thoroughly before proceeding to the next surface treatment phase. 

In contrast to absolutely clear prototypes, painting is utilized when some clear prototypes need a certain degree of coloring(as shown in the following pictures). Besides visual and aesthetic effects, painting has other functional advantages. It can not only help concealing surface imperfection, but also strengthen the hardness and resistance of the part. KAIAO provides wide choice of painting surface treatment services: matte, semi and high gloss; multiple patterns, etches and silk screening(only available for metal color parts); leather texture and elastic feel. We have invested in paint facilities to ensure that parts are colored in a clean dustless working environment without the chance of catching any contaminants.

To meet customer’s demand, KAIAO always practice high quality surface treatment to each clear part. In fact, KAIAO can deal with much more than clear prototypes. It sized the market and joined the contingent of rapid prototyping in 1995. By virtue of fast steady development, it has grown into one of the top prototyping companies in China, being excelled in CNC machining, SLA, RIM and vacuum casting prototyping. So far it has gathered top brains and the most advanced equipment in this realm. Outside of the unit, it has built strong partnership with quality raw material suppliers as well as many renown delivery companies. With all these advantages, KAIAO is able to provide optimal finished products at the most economical price and the fastest delivery.
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