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Silk Screening 

China’s export trade continued to rise in the last five years. If you travel abroad, you will notice “MADE IN CHINA” everywhere. When you are holding a miniature of a Disney cartoon in a souvenir store, watch out, because it’s very likely to be a rapid prototype China making. Most of the time, we are attracted by the craft’s delicate appearance as well as exquisite workmanship.
This pleasing visual effect usually partially derive from silk screening, one of the most important surface treatment skills in rapid prototyping industry. Silk screening is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil. When paint or any other colored fluid is rubbed over a stencil, some will readily penetrate the holes while some will be unable to pass through the masked areas.

Printing Practices
KAIAO, as an initiating rapid prototype China SGS supplier, has been printing critical parts for electronic, medical, industrial and automotive products. The wide range of silk printing products include instrument panels, control panels, molded parts, sheet metal cases, sheet metal boxes, monitors and displays, machine parts, optic conductors, keypads, etc. We can even print on some difficult surfaces including inside boxes, curved surfaces, recessed surfaces, textured surfaces, and more.
Surface Check
Whenever you input “rapid prototype China silk screening” in Google, you get innumerable results about our country’s silk screening techniques. Yes, we are very particular about painting skills and manufacturing procedure. Even more, we emphasize on quality check before delivery. Inspection work serves as filtering as well as revising system. There are eight check items in total. Omission, blur, reverse direction, wrong content(writing and graphics), wrong location are prohibited. Tilt is allowed unless it’s smaller than 0.3 degree angle. Skew is acceptable only if the error is within 1mm. Color difference depends on customer’s view. Substandard products will be pulled out in order to revise or rework.

Overall Services
KAIAO is an enterprising rapid prototype China practitioner. In addition to quality check, we also guarantee the following services. Professional pre-order consultancy. Affordable price. Most up-to-date facilities and most acknowledged team players. Quick turnout and lead time. (Standard lead time is 3 to 5 working days variable according to order amount and changes.) On-time shipment. Further customer care.
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