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Types of Prototypes

Types of Prototypes

timer:June 08, 2017
Silicone Mold in Rapid Prototyping

Silicone rubber mould is a relatively popular rapid tooling manufacturing process and is widely used in the rapid manufacturing industry due to its good toughness to make prototypes with complicated structure, fine pattern, no mold inclination and even pouring angle It has the following advantages

timer:June 01, 2017
ABS-The Most Commonly Used Material in Rapid Prototyping

ABS is the most commonly used material in rapid prototyping, which occupies around 80% of the world’s rapid prototyping manufacturing So, what is ABS and why it is so widely used? What is advantages of ABS prototypes?

timer:May 23, 2017
Factors that cause the deformation of the vacuum casting prototypes

However, in the process of vacuum casting, prototype become deformed due to various reasons, which affects the accuracy of the prototype Then what factors will lead to deformation of the vacuum casting prototype?

timer:May 22, 2017
What’s the difference between CNC Machining and 3D Printing

CNC Machining and 3D Printing are two main ways to do rapid prototyping We will discuss the difference between 3D printing and CNC machining below

timer:May 17, 2017
How is the complex prototype processed?

Mock-up is widely needed to detect if the product design is reasonable when developing new products in the industry, which speeds up the advent of new products In the past, people did hand-hand prototype and it is relatively simple With the rapid development of all aspects of the society, mock-ups become more and more complex in structure and shape and hand-made processing is no longer competent So, How is the complex prototype processed?

timer:May 08, 2017
How to improve the surface highlight effect of the prototype models?

Nowadays, the designers of the prototype industry are more and more strict in the requirements for board-like pieces, which will surely bring great challenge to the rapid prototyping industry and rapid prototyping companies How to improve the surface highlight effect of the prototype models becomes important too

timer:May 03, 2017
What are Prototypes Used for?

A prototype is also called a model or a mock-up Some of you may ask what are prototypes used for or what’s the function of prototypes? So far, prototypes are generally used in the following five ways First, for market interest During the market research phase, a mere photo or drawing is not enough to intrigue consumers Having pro

timer:November 18, 2015
What Attention Should Designers Pay to get A Better Prototype?

When designing special parts like points and edges, as a strict designer, you might as well pay special attention for the sake of best prototyping results So what attention should designers pay to get a better prototype? Here are a few design tips to help you achieve that goal Minimum and Maximum SizeAs a rule, the typical minimum size

timer:November 18, 2015

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