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Clear acrylic prototypes in Automobile Lighting

Clear machined parts are widely used in prototyping as it benefit as many manufactures as there are, which is able to view the prototyping process so as to improve aesthetics. Compared to other 3D printing technologies, acrylic prototypes have more similar material properties with injection moulding parts and be used for a wide rouge of smooth automobile parts. Clear acrylic prototypes are able to provide great optical components for automotive  instrument panels, door panels, lighting and lamps, lightpipes etc.
CNC Acrylic Machining, Acrylic 3D Printing and Vacuum Casting is able to use acrylic for clear prototyping. KAIAO is able to produce clear acrylic prototypes with superior surface and optical clarity credit to the whole consideration of all factors including clarity degree, part complexity, quantity and timescales.


Acrylic is lightweight, rigid thermoplastic and it is colorless. The acrylic is a particularly desirable material for the manufacture of conceptual prototypes and decorations, and to a certain extent it can be used in more mechanical applications and have the below advantages which makes it one of the top material in prototyping.
Acrylic is heavyweight and has a lot of influence, experience, and importance in clear prototyping. As is inherently lightweight, which is lighter than glass, Acrylic is yet rigid material and can be used for many different purposes, most importantly as an alternative to glass as well as other heavy plastics.
For parts or prototypes that are usually exposed outdoors, Acrylic is among the top choice for clear prototypes as it easily withstands the heat from sunlight, cold weather, and dramatic temperature changes. You will find it to be well-trusted to work with and behave in the way that you want them to. 
Acrylic prototypes are clear and colorless and has a transparent surface and are able to provide distortion-free automobile lighting prototypes, optical components, displays etc.


As explained above, Acrylic can be used to achieve very rapid prototyping and the details printed by acrylic are above average and common 3D models should be compatible with acrylic prototype.
KAIAO is one of the top rapid prototyping companies who is better at using acrylic for automobile prototyping, especially automobile lighting and one of the best example here is lamp lens which can significantly affect vision. We, at KAIAO, focus on automotive lighting prototype as a complete service and are able to 100% met your requirements in lamp lens prototype as well as the internal component prototype with precision acrylic cutting.
Working with the customer we cover all aspects of prototype design from Auto Headlights prototypes and Tail lamps prototypes to Fog lamps prototypes to ensure the lamps fit and work first time, everytime.
Contact KAIAO for clear acrylic prototypes in automobile lighting and lamps, lightpipes etc. by CNC Machining and Vacuum Casting. We ensure you a clear final product without scratches. 

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