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The rapid prototyping technology has brought new concepts to manufacturing and has been widely used in many fields. It has become an important supporting platform for modern design. With the rapid development of CNC machining technology as well as rapid prototyping, the requirements for prototypes are more careful, thorough, and exact not only on shape, precision and assemble capability, but also on material, surface quality, transparency and so on.

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However, the current rapid prototyping technology, due to the limitation of molding materials and manufacturing accuracy, is difficult to meet these requirements. Rapid CNC Machining is right here to make up for these deficiencies: Most of the functional materials used in rapid prototyping can be CNC machined directly. There are a lot of features why CNC machining is attracting the world, check and see

Two Problems for CNC Machining for Rapid Prototyping

CNC Rapid Prototype has its own complexity and the limitations and the main problem lies in the ineffective/flaw/defect of architecture technics and the object-oriented cutting parameters. Plastics are the most widely used materials in rapid CNC machining however there are great difference between plastics and metal like Aluminum CNC Machining and it is hard to find preferable machining parameters of CNC milling for industrial materials. And here comes two problems:
(1) How to select the proper CNC machining parameters
(2) How to deal with the architecture techniques
The good news is KAIAO is one of the to CNC machining companies that is able to do CNC Rapid Prototype well with preferable parameters for both plastic and metal material and KAIAO offers effective way for architecture techniques.

How to Select Proper CNC Machining Parameters

The relationship between the cutting force and the tool structure and the CNC machining parameters is obtained by the method of differential analysis of the flat-bottom helical milling cutter. The selecting principle of tool material is given by analyzing the characteristics of the tool material and the cutting characteristics of the rapid prototyping material.
On the basis of the theoretical analysis, two kinds of engineering plastics ABS and PMMA were used for a series of specially designed test schemes to study the CNC cutting experiment and the machining precision of film work pieces. And from the experiments, KAIAO is now able to tell the influence from cutting mass to cutting heat and surface roughness, and the influence to cutting force that derived from cutting mode, cutting mass and cutting remains and KAIAO is able to do the CNC rapid prototypes with proper parameters and offers instructional proposes for you if you need.

Solution for Architecture Techniques in Rapid CNC Machining

In the process of rapid prototyping, CNC machining companies often encounter slender columns and large depth cavity and concave structure and due to the restriction of CNC machining processing conditions, other companies will have to segment those CNC rapid prototypes and then assembled.
Based on the analysis of various feature recognition methods, the method based on the attributes adjacent graph is selected for identifying the slender columns, and the principle and the segmentation method of the solid model process structure are studied in detail. With UGII and VC6.0 as the development platform, UG / OPEN API is used to develop a software module which is seamlessly integrated with UG system. The software module is friendly and easy to use and simplifies the processing technology and improves the processing efficiency.

How is the complex prototype processed?

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KAIAO offers a fast and inexpensive solution to simple model making with rapid prototyping. Such as: CNC, SLA, Vacuum Casting...

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