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Whenever people talk about rapid prototyping, CNC Machining is frequently disregarded because it’s considered old and subtractive. However, it does have some competitive edges that other techniques can’t catch up with. Thus CNC machining still holds a predominant role in prototyping industry. If you Google “CNC prototyping China”, plentiful Chinese suppliers can be found, among which KAIAO should be your first choice.

When CNC?
When to choose CNC over additive manufacturing? Two hints for the wise. One, when you are hesitating which material is the most suitable for your invention, you might as well try CNC prototyping. Same technique on different materials will help you decide on a certain kind. Two, when you requires prototypes with extreme fine surface, please choose CNC. Prior to surface treatment and finishes, CNC prototypes have been delivered with excellent surface. If aided by painting and other skills, prototypes can be more satisfactory.
(A router prototype; plastics;painting)
With the continuous development of industry, in near future, “CNC prototyping China” will no longer be two semantic segments but a whole like “finance Wall Street”.

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Why KAIAO first Choice?
Capacity --- KAIAO has high capacity in terms of machines, facilities and personnel. With our Solid Concepts software running CNC operations and a total of 15 Fanuc CNC machining centers, we can put your stereotypes onto right processing path and right machine. Combining disciplined production environment and personnel, we can render your project into the best outcome.
(foreign technical adviser&technicians)
Large Parts --- KAIAO can break up large-size complex designs into multiple components to be assembled into highly accurate master patterns. Currently the largest size available is 1400*700*600mm. Our prime large parts service is interior and exterior mock-ups for the automotive industry. We are quite a star in CNC prototyping China.
Experience --- comes from 19 years of CNC machining. The knowledge we’ve gained will be applied to your project and effective manufacturing solutions will be offered to save your time and money.
Quality --- You can count on our manufacture qualifications as well as good reputation. We are strongly committed to the provision of high standard, high quality and high precision parts. Whether you need a highly accurate prototype for a functional test, a large prototype for a customer presentation, or a short-run of finished pats, we have the capacity and hands-on experience to get the job done right. The future of CNC prototyping China is the future of ours. We’ll spare no efforts to serve you and the industry.
For your information, KAIAO also provides SLA prototyping, reaction injection molding and vacuum casting services.
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KAIAO offers a fast and inexpensive solution to simple model making with rapid prototyping. Such as: CNC, SLA, Vacuum Casting...

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