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Custom Aluminum CNC Machining in Automobile

Nowadays, the main direction of automobile structure change is to improve application economical efficiency and to reduce fuel consumption and achieve lightweight becomes the most significant feature of modern cars. 
As a light metal, aluminum will gradually increase in the automotive industry, which is in full compliance with the current development trend of the automotive industry itself. In order to reduce the weight of the vehicle itself, the demand for aluminum castings is increasing. Approximately 60% to 70% of aluminum castings are used in automobile manufacturing and thus drives the increase of machining aluminum.


Superior Properties of CNC Aluminium Machining Parts

Aluminum alloy material have superior properties of high strength, high conductivity, thermal conductivity, low density, good plasticity, easy to shape, easy recycling, anti-corrosion etc. Casting, forging, stamping all are suitable for aluminum machining for various automobile parts. Therefore, aluminum is widely used in the field of vehicle manufacturing, especially automotive applications.


Aluminium Machining Classification 

According to the use, Aluminium Machining is generally divided into the below parts: 
- Shell parts, such as: cylinder, cylinder head, clutch cover, gearbox housing, machine body and cover, compressor housing, generator housing, brake pump housing, shock absorber housing ;
- Bracket parts, such as: steering wheel skeleton, chassis part of the bracket;
-Parts, such as: piston, bearing, aluminum wheel, water radiator, air conditioning with the condenser, evaporator, heat radiator, intake manifold;
- Other: pipe, plug, door panels, bus windows.

Custom CNC Aluminum Parts Machining

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