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How to Select CNC Milling Tools in CNC Machining

CNC machining technology is the foundation and core of advanced manufacturing technology. CNC machine tools are the basis of factory automation. CNC cutting tool is an indispensable key for CNC machine tools which is believed to be able to improve the processing performance and plays a decisive role production efficiency in CNC machining.

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How to Select CNC Milling Tools in CNC Machining

When selecting CNC cutting tools, KAIAO, one of the top CNC machining companies in China, is fully experienced and always makes sure the size of the tool matches the surface size of the workpiece. In the production, while tooling the peripheral parts of the contours in KAIAO’s CNC machining factory, KAIAO often uses end mills; While milling plane, we select carbide cutter cutter and high-speed steel end mills for processing boss or groove. For rough surface or rough holes, corn cutters with carbide cutter blade are selected. Besides, the CNC milling cutters like ball cutter, ring cutter, tapered cutter and disc cutter are used for some three-dimensional profiles and variable bevel contour contours.
In KAIAO’s CNC machining center, a variety of tools are installed in the knife library and are selected and changed according to the provisions of the program at any time. Therefore, the standard tool holder must be used so that the standard tools for drilling, boring, expanding and milling are quickly and accurately mounted on the machine tool spindle or magazine. The programmers in KAIAO are always aware of the structural dimensions of the tool holder used on the machine, the adjustment method, and the adjustment range to determine the radial and axial dimensions of the tool during programming. At present, KAIAO uses TSG tool system, and there are a straight handle (three specifications) and taper shank (four specifications), including a total of 16 different handles for different purposes.

Basic Principals in Selecting CNC Milling Tools

In the economic numerical control machining, due to the tool sharpening, measurement and replacement require men’s manual work, it really takes longer time to do so, therefore, we must arrange an appropriate order of each CNC machine cutting tool. KAIAO Rapid Manufacturing has been in CNC machining industry for a over a decade and has summarized our own experience in arranging the tools for cutting, which can be generally summarized as follows:
  • Minimize the number of cutting tools
  • After a tool is clamped, it should be able to complete all the processing parts;
  • Rough finishing CNC cutting tools should be used separately, even it is a tool for the same specifications
  • Milling comes before drilling
  • Curved surface finishing comes first, then two-dimensional contour finishing;
  • Wherever possible, use the automatic change in CNC machining to improve efficiency
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