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Mainstreamed CNC machining technology


CNC machine tools have been increasingly used in modern manufacturing, and play the incomparable advantage of general machine tools. KAIAO specializes in rapid tooling, due to its strong experience in CNC precision machining.
Our CNC precision machining capabilities are second to none in the marketplace. We employ a complete compliment of turning centers, the machining cells are fully supported by the necessary secondary equipment such as saws, drills and mills.
CNC rapid tooling has several of materials selection, such as ABS, POM, PMMA, PA, PC, PP and even the metals. Numerous benefits can associate with from CNC precision machining. Its low cost and quick production processing are inevitable compared to other mythologies.
Wondering how you can manage to keep your order volume low and keep costs in line at the same time? KAIAO Company from SHENZHEN rapid tooling company may be the solution you're hunting for.
You See – Is You Get
With the introduction of FANUC equipment, highly-precision and strength performance are easily achievable, as well as those large functional parts. Our maximum processing shape is 1200mm*600mm*570mm, with 2400rpm of principal axis, 0.010/300mm of location accuracy and ± 0.05mm processing accuracy. CNC precision machining moulds have excellent touching experience.  Whatever you want, we are satisfying you.
Engineering Support
KAIAO boasts the most up to date solid modeling and machining program software available to the market today. Our advanced engineers model virtually every part that goes into the shop whether or not we receive models from the customer. Rarely do we machine component from 2 dimensional drawings. With professional resources specifically applied to a great variety of fields ranging from car to light industry, KAIAO CNC machining may be just what you need. In order to maximum both customer requirements and company balance. Our precision machining uses a Flexible Manufacturing system, so as to cut production times and overhead fees.
Completed Sales Service
KAIAO is an experienced manufacturer which provides our customers perfected products. In order to manufacture a satisfactory prototype, finishing steps involved like Coordinate Inspection, silk screening, blast finishing and polishing. Out experts examined carefully steps by steps. Our methodology virtually eliminates programming errors and drawing interpretations.
Rich Experience Guaranteed
Being an advanced technology company, KAIAO is renowned for it almost more than 17 years experience, which is superior to  relative companies. Also, we are both CAD technology consulting service center and national CAD symbol of application engineering company. Our core purpose is satisfying every customer.
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Product Brochures
KAIAO offers a fast and inexpensive solution to simple model making with rapid prototyping. Such as: CNC, SLA, Vacuum Casting...

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