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Metal Injection Moulding-Basic Process and Advantages

Metal Injection Moulding, which is also called Metal Injection Molding or MIM by short, is a new kind of rapid injection molding technology. It uses metal powder as raw material to manufacture metal parts by means of plastic injection moulding.
Initially, Metal Injection Moulding used oxide powders such as AI2O3 to manufacture ceramic parts, so it is also called CIM (Ceramic Injection Molding). CIM and MIM are collectively known as Powder Injection Molding since they both use metal powder as raw materials.

Basic Metal Injection Moulding Process

The basic Metal Injection Moulding process is as follows:
Firstly, select the metal powder and binder that meet the MIM process requirements. Then, under a certain temperature, mix the powder and binder into a well-proportioned powder injection molding feed-stock. After it’s pelletized, the injection moulding is carried out on an injection molding machine. Finally, the obtained preform is subjected to degreasing treatment and sintering densification to get the final product.


Advantages and Characteristic of Metal Injection Moulding

Metal Injection Moulding has unique advantages in the preparation of high-precision near net shape products with complex geometries, uniform structure and high performance. Any metal or alloy which can be made into a powder can be manufactured by this method. In addition, Metal Injection Moulding is able to achieve fully automated and continuous operation, and thus injection moulding companies are always in high production efficiency.
As a new type of near-net shape forming technology of metal parts, metal injection molding has developed rapidly in recent years. Characteristic of Metal Injection Moulding are as follows: on one hand, new milling methods, new binder systems and new processes are emerging; on the other hand, the Metal Injection Moulding industrialization process is extremely rapid, global MIM product sales growth rate has been maintained at 20% to 40%.
With its great advantages and characteristic, automobile industry now uses a lot Metal Injection Moulding progress for complex metal parts. Among all the rapid injection molding companies, KAIAO offers the most rapid and best products for you.


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