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Polyurethane Foam Moulding in Reaction Injection Molding

Polyurethane foam is also known as rigid polyurethane foam. It is an overall foamed plastic formed by a high-density smooth and tough outer skin and low density foam core at the same time.
PU moulding products are usually prepared by Reaction Injection Molding process, that is, a variety of highly reactive raw liquid is mixed into a closed mold for moulding through the collision. RIM-PU’s advantages are as follows: easy design flexibility, simple process, energy and time saving etc.

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Performance of RIM Polyurethane Foam

RIM-PU microporous elastomers are the general name of high-density soft and semi-rigid foam and can also be divided into two categories: high modulus and low modulus. The so-called high modulus microporous elastic foam is relative to the low modulus (with an average modulus of about 160 MPa). The high modulus material is hard and the flexural modulus exceeds 700 MPa. Most of the microporous elastomer is also the integral skin foam. The below table from KAIAO, one of top RIM companies, shows the performance of microporous polyurethane material with the same density of 992 kg/m3.

Property High Modulus Low Modulus
Density/(kg/m3 992 992
Shore Hardness 70 50~54
Tensile Strength/MPa 28.7~31.5 17.5~21.0
Elongation/% 100~120 200~300
Tear Strength/(kN/m) 134~152 72~90
Flexural Modulus/MPa
-29 ℃
 24 ℃
 70 ℃
Modular Ratio between -29 ℃ and 70 ℃ 5.8  5.8

Polyurethane Foam Moulding in Automobile

The cost reduction and excellent performance make polyurethane foam moulding expand itself to not only chassis, furniture industry, but also sports equipment, construction industry, automobile industry, public health facilities, military industry and many other aspects.
With the development of cars in weight, security and style requirements, the traditional metal materials have gradually turned to plastic. Low modulus microporous flexible foams are generally widely recommended for use in automotive interior parts; and high modulus microporous flexible foams are generally suitable for automotive exterior parts such as bumper, cover, fender and so on.
KAIAO is a China-based company with about 20 years experience in using polyurethane foam in RIM. If you want a PU moulding product for bumper, cover, fender and more, feel free to contact KAIAO for a free quote.  And you may wondering why KAIAO is trusted by its customers? Answer here. 

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