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Silicone Rubber Mold Making and Vacuum Casting

Silicone rubber mold is a popular rapid mould making manufacturing process with great  toughness. With the help of vacuum casting process, you are able to produce plastic parts with complex shape, refined surface, dimensional stability and corresponding material characteristics, which is great to meet certain functional requirements with small batch trial during the product development.
If you need to provide structure verification or functional testing sample for your new product design, or consult with customers about the new products so as to maximize future orders, or demonstrate or prepare the commercial production of your new products, small scale production of trial products will be your right choice. Experts and project engineers from KAIAO will provide you the most professional rapid prototyping-related technical support and rationalization advice on alternative materials, and ensure the timely delivery of high-quality products.

Vacuum Casting techniques can produce clear acrylic  prototype
Silicone Mold in Rapid Prototyping.

Low-cost and short-cycle small batch production

To produce a prototype, you only have to provide 3D data of the parts and KAIAO engineers are able to do the rapid prototype and produce the silicone rubber mold within days and then the polyurethane plastics products using the mold. This kind of vacuum casting process is able to save you 90% of time and a few tenths of cost comparing with the traditional steel injection molding. 
The life of silicone mold life depends on the complexity of the parts. Generally, we are able to cast 15-30 products, with the time of 1-4 hours for each. Larger parts will take longer, probably 4-8 hours.

Variety of Material Selection in Vacuum Casting

Engineers in KAIAO are able to give rationalization proposal on alternative materials during the rapid casting to help you meet the needs of your project. Actually, we are able to offer a wide range of two-component polyurethane PU as a vacuum injection molding material and all of our castings are HEI-CAST and PELNOX from Japan, and AXSON from France.
The physical properties of the material are similar to the common engineering plastic ABS, PP, PA, POM, etc., and we also have transparent castable like PC and PMMA, and elastomeric materials that are similar to rubber (40 ~ 90 ℃), and even fire-resistant materials up to UL94-V0.

Stable Size Accuracy in Silicone Rubber Mold

KAIAO has always chosen high-quality room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber during vacuum mold casting, which has excellent simulation, chemical stability and very low shrinkage and can reproduce the fine features of prototype parts, and is the basic elements to ensure the size accuracy for the workpiece.
In addition, we carry out a set of standardized processes to ensure the best dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties for each product. We carefully control the parameters of every vacuum casting process, including ingredients, defoaming, stirring, preheating , injection and curing. Our standard replication accuracy can be controlled within ± 0.15mm / 100mm and the maximum accuracy of ± 0.05mm.

Large Vacuum Casting System for Large Parts

It is a pride to produce large-sized silicone rubber mold and finish the vacuum casting. KAIAO has a large vacuum casting system that is able accommodate molds of 2.0M*1.2M*1.0M. Technical Staffs in KAIAO are all masters in controlling the dimensional accuracy and deformation of large work-pieces and are able to successfully complete the small volume prototypes such as instrument panels, door panels and other automotive interior and exterior parts.

The dimensional accuracy of all components can be controlled within ± 0.2mm for positioning holes, ± 0.4mm for mounting holes and general dimensions and surface profile within ± 0.7mm. All prototypes are able to meet the requirements of 10000km road test.

KAIAO are making unremitting efforts for innovative research and development of rapid prototyping process and in the past few years, we have successfully developed many new mold and casting process, like SLA Rapid PrototypingReaction Injection Moldingsilicone rubber mold in vacuum casting and win our customers. If you are also interested, we will really appreciate the inquiry from you.

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