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KAIAO offers a fast and inexpensive solution to simple model making with rapid prototyping. Such as: CNC, SLA, Vacuum Casting, RIM and so on.
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Over 20 years of rapid prototyping experience


Being one of the rapid prototyping company with the first SLA prototype machines in 1995, KAIAO company has expanded its scale for 20 professional machines. These machines produce models 24/7 to meet your rapid prototyping requirements.


KAIAO has perfected the art of rapid prototyping 


    . KAIAO works closely with you to insure accurate data transfer.

    . Your model is built on machines calibrated for accuracy and consistency.

    . Our experienced staff of skilled model makes clean your models with precision maintaining the close

    . Multiple parts are produced from specially designed silicone molds.

    . Physical properties, color and texture that meet your design specifications using a large variety of urethane materials.

    . Insert molding, 2 shot molding, blow molding and extrusion models can be produced quickly without expensive tooling or long lead times.

    . Custom color and graphics to meet your personalized requirements.

    . Casting patterns and investment cast patterns.




KAIAO RAPID MANUFACTURING CO. LIMITED has been in the rapid prototyping field for approximately 20 years. KAIAO understands the importance of on time delivery and consistent excellent quality.

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