3d printing metal 3d printing benefits

3d printing metal 3d printing benefits

In the 3d printing service industry, the momentum of metal 3D printing is almost unparalleled. Metal 3D printing has become the fastest growing part of the 3D printing industry, which has also led to the rapid development of metal 3D printers, consumers' choices are increasing, and competition among manufacturers is increasingly fierce. In the future, metal 3D printers are expected to show the following trends:
The momentum of metal 3D printing services is almost unparalleled
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1. The trend of large size, high speed and automation of metal 3D printers. Many manufacturers have introduced devices with larger print sizes, more lasers, and faster print speeds to meet the mainstream demand in the market.

2. The trend of refinement of metal 3D printers. Compared with large-sized equipment, the refinement equipment has a small print size, a small laser spot, a small particle size (<5 μm), and a narrow particle size distribution, mainly for small parts requiring high surface quality and high dimensional accuracy. client.

3. The rise of composite 3D printing services, if the positioning and efficiency problems are solved, the composite printing combined with multi-axis machine tools and metal 3D printing has obvious advantages in dimensional accuracy, surface precision and reduced post-process.

4, the diversification trend of metal 3D printing services, represented by DesktopMetal and DigitalMetal, based on indirect printing, not only can provide a variety of materials composite printing, but also improve and improve the printing pain points such as precision and support. Of course, while solving the old problems, it inevitably brings new problems, such as the difficulty in controlling the shrinkage rate and the difficulty in monitoring the sintering process. Recommended reading: How to make a guide to metal 3D printing services

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