Q.C.│Plastic Prototypes

Q.C.│Plastic Prototypes

Q.C.│Plastic Prototypes

In recent years, taking advantage of rapid Plastic Prototypes and advanced computer aided design systems, diving equipment have become more and more varied. New designs emerge in endlessly. You can count on KAIAO to assist you throughout the development and manufacture processes. Our plastic prototyping technique has reached a high degree of technical or professional proficiency. Besides, quality assurance and quality control are guaranteed.

KAIAO’s Quality System is an integrity of quality assurance(QA for short) and quality control(QC). There is a nuance between them. QA attempts to improve and stabilize production to avoid or at least minimize defects, whereas QC emphasizes testing of products and reporting to management who make the decision to allow or deny product release. To be specific, QA is about administration while QC is about inspection.

                      (tooling method: plastic prototyping-Vacuum Casting)

Here is what we’ve done to ensure quality prototypes.


The main content of quality assurance is a reward and punishment system for the personnel. No matter he is an engineer, a supervisor, a technician or an average worker, everyone involved in production is subject to this system. In punishment chapter, there are adequate clauses describing punitive or exemplary matters. These clauses concern programming, tooling, finishing and every other associated processes. With these strict rules and regulations, we aim at preventing any possible mistakes and error. This system is not only practiced in plastic prototyping but also in our daily production.


Generally, prototypes of the same kind share similar quality inspection items. We have resorted to 3 aspects to ensure precision prototypes for diving footware.  

·Surface check. Check whether there are abnormities like scratches, mold marks, bubbles, cracks, color displacement, etc.
·Overall appearance check. Check overall size. Check whether the shape and curves are in accordance with customer’s design. (This is extremely important because the two factors contributes to fluent swimming.) This inspection process is carried out with help of measuring instrument. Plastic prototyping
·Fit and function check. The diving shoes are formed via the assembly of small functional parts. Joints like screw threads must be carefully tested.

In KAIAO, other plastic prototyping methods like RIM, SLA, rapid CNC prototyping are also available. Show us your project so we can help you with the right machining method.



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