CNC Machining Prototype

CNC Machining Prototype


CNC Machining Prototype


KAIAO uses internationally recognized advanced CNC software and machining equipment.  In accordance with client’s CAD data, we produce Rapid Prototypes or Direct Part Productions.  At KAIAO we Precision Machine most engineering plastics and soft metal alloys.  Our CNC Technicians are experienced in CNC programming and processing.  Our CNC Department integrates the best modern technologies and manual techniques to achieve the highest International Production Standards.


What is CNC Machining?
CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing process that creates parts or products out of plastics, metals, aluminum, wood, and many other hard materials with a variety of precision cutting tools. Use advanced software to control the equipment according to the specifications of your 3D design. We use CNC machining to manufacture parts and prototypes
The precision CNC machining prototype including milling, turning, EDM and wire EDM, and surface grinding.

 KAIAO’s CNC Machining service
With more than 20 years of experience, KAIAO is your reliable supplier for perfect CNC Machining Prototype. KAIAO is equipped with 17 High Precision High-Efficiency CNC VMCs (Vertical Machining Centers). Our professional CNC Technicians provide services all day every day, consigning your projects with the correct materials and processes and offering alternative solutions when needed.

 CNC Machining Tolerances
Precision and Quality are achieved through our Management Experience, Machine Programming and Operation, Material Selection, and Inspection.  Our CNC Technicians strive to ensure only the Highest Precision and only the Highest Quality on every part big or small, complex or simple.  CNC positioning precision is 0.010/300mm and processing precision is within ±0.05mm.  Our CNC Technicians produce machined parts for various applications in accordance with International Production Standards.

 CNC Machining Materials
KAIAO offers a vast selection of High-Grade CNC materials to choose from on your projects. 
Our selection of Engineering Plastics includes ABS, PMMA, PC, PP, PE, PA (Nylon / GFN), POM (Acetal / Delrin), Medium Density PU Modeling Board, PF (Bakelite), PTFE (Teflon), and PEI (Ultem). 
Our selection of Engineering Alloys includes Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc, and Brass.



The use of large size CNC Machines is not necessarily required for the production of Big Sized Parts.  Our CNC Technicians can skillfully separate the CAD data of Big Size Parts into multiple smaller pieces that are machined individually.  After CNC machining, the smaller individual parts are expertly assembled back into one.  With the use of custom made Assembly Fixtures and the FARO CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), Big Size Parts are quickly and accurately assembled.  Using this method saves production time, production cost, assists in avoiding deformation, and improves processing precision.  As a recognized leader in the production of Big Size Parts, KAIAO produces Automotive Interior and Exterior Parts, Aerospace Parts, Aeronautical Parts, Medical Devices, Industrial Equipment, & Exhibit Displays.


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