Precision Aluminum Machining Assembly

Precision Aluminum Machining Assembly

CNC Machining is often the most effective process for producing prototypes, patterns and short-run production parts. KAIAO utilizes high-speed CNC equipment to produce precision aluminum machining parts and patterns. In addition, KAIAO precision aluminum machining is supported by our quality department with full CMM supervision.

Big Or Small- Scan It All

The CNC machining prototypes has wide range of plastic materials selection such as ABS, POM, PMMA, PA and medal parts including aluminum. Fully information can be expressed into shape from papers design with the help of CNC machine. Its brightness and colorless of exterior can be completely presented to you by our integrated finishing procession such as silk screening, blast finishing. Any shape, any design, built into your heart.

Cutting-Edge Precision Aluminum Machining Facilities

By now, we now have 15 CNC precision machining centers to meet the customers’ needs. Centers such as vertical, horizontal, CNC tapping centers, a large part bridge mill, and three large bed CNC routers are included during the entire procession. With the introduction of FANNUC company equipment, we can provide the maximum of 1400mm*700mm*600mm parts and ±0.05mm of precision, the speed of principle axis can go up to 2400rpm. Trilinear coordinates measuring are there to meet precise dimensions by using digital probing during finishing. We are devoted to produce high degree of accuracy and intensity, as well as the functional prototypes.

A Perfect Fit

We also can provide SLA prototypes techniques to serve as a supplementary function for CNC machine. We analyze your design and accommodate any special needs your part may have, such as unique alloys or extrusion processes.  For some parts with intricate shape and delicate surface, such as toys and artwork, generally the SLA is more suitable. Only by this perfect combination, can our products satisfy your heart.

Choose KAIAO Precision Aluminum Machining

Our group utilizes modern analytical tools to design structures and systems. Today's manufacturing processes utilize start-of-the-art precision machine systems. The supporting technologies for these systems include machine tools, robotics, metrology and microelectronic systems.

Innovative Metal Designs manufacture high quantities of production parts in KAIAO, we can help you to realize highly customized products or basic standardized components by utilizing our CNC methods. Our advanced machinists have rich experience for more than at least decades. With state-of-the-art equipment that is updated often, we are always taking the latest and most advanced technology so that we can fully satisfy high quality standards our customers’ expectations.

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