Prototyping Plastic Parts

Prototyping Plastic Parts

How to Prototype Plastic Parts and Models?                                     

KAIAO manufactures refined plastic parts as well as large scale models. With a variety of processes at our disposal, we have the experience and resources to accommodate all your plastic prototyping needs.
Contact one of our experienced plastics professionals to find out how to prototype and which plastic to use.

CNC Machined Items from Solid Block

All-purpose Fanuc Machining Centers, coupled with full set of tools, fixtures, cutting fluids, to name a few, have given us the ability to deliver your parts in the best condition. Our CMM equipped inspection department ensures parts are machined and produced in accordance with your specifications and expectations. Using CNC machining,we can process plastic and metal materials and can accommodate parts up to 140cm in length. Common plastic materials include ABS, Nylon, PEEK, poly-carbonate, polypropylene, polyethylene and polyurethane resins.

Reaction Injection Molding Parts

A master mold is custom designed and built to suit your program's budget and application. And  special attention is paid to heat-control and re-curing to foretell best modeling results. From simple open & shut molds to complex coring and multi-shot tools, our team of tooling and mold professionals has the skills, tools and equipment to generate what you need.

SLA Prototypes

In SLA processing, photosensitive resins are exposed to laser beams and cured into thick layers instantly. Plastic parts are formed when those layers completing piling vertically. We start with your simple idea or concept, work with a detailed 2D drawing or utilize a complex 3D CAD database. Through meticulous control over the beam strength and cycle, we are able to make precise parts in less than two to three hours. SLA is the easiest answer to “how to prototype plastic parts in the quickest way?”

Vacuum Casting

Vacuum forming is a quick, inexpensive method of producing plastic parts such as fenders, hoods, shrouds, and covers. A silicone mold is custom made to duplicate parts. In processing we pay special attention to the temperature of the mold, the speed of castables and air pressure to ensure best quality parts. Vacuum Casting can deal with a wide variety of materials, achieve different thicknesses and colors. Depending on the material, structural pieces can easily be bonded into the formed parts for ribbing, mounting and bracket features.

How to prototype your ideas? Reach to us - we are your one-stop solution to prototyping issues. No matter you need plastic or metal parts or models, we can meet, most of the time even exceed your expectations. We can help you take your concept from idea to prototype in just days, not weeks.


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