Rapid 3d prototyping technology causes wire breakage

Rapid 3d prototyping technology causes wire breakage

(1) Problems with printed materials

           FDM rapid prototyping machine rapid 3d prototyping generally requires the material to be heated and melted, and then the filament is extruded from the nozzle and bonded to the work surface. The temperature resistance strength of different materials is different, and the heating temperature of different 3D printer nozzles is also different, so the appropriate 3D printer consumables should be selected according to the performance of the device. If the quality of the materials used is not good, there will be broken wires.

(2) The problem of the nozzle

       3D printer nozzles will also have some clogging problems. In this case, there is no way to discharge normally. Therefore, if the quality of the spray head being used is not close enough, it may cause damage and fail to spin, or the unreasonable internal design is not conducive to threading.

Rapid 3d prototyping
  (3) The temperature is too high

         The printing time of current rapid 3d prototyping 3D printers is still relatively long. During this process, the temperature will increase. If the equipment is not equipped with a good heat dissipation device, the nozzle will easily cause wire breakage due to overheating.

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