design-Rapid Injection Molding Technology

design-Rapid Injection Molding Technology

Fast design-Rapid Injection Molding Technology
Prototypes play a crux to the development of plastic injection molded components. Rapid injection molding is a fast and economical way for injection prototypes molding companies to produce high quality injection molded parts. KAIAO provides customers perfected parts based on our advanced technologies, which can turn them into functional production prototypes.

Rapid Injection Molding
Reaction Injection Molding allows us to make prototype injection casting parts in a production thermoplastic resin in 2 weeks. These parts may be used for full functional as well as test marketing. Using our Molding process technique, we can cast the tools from patterns fabricated from rapid prototyping or CNC machining.
Cast tools are made directly from the designer's database using stereo lithography (SLA) or CNC machined masters.

The RIT process incorporates pre-made steel cavity and core inserts .we use CNC to produce the core/cavity details allowing for production-quality tolerances and surface finishes. RIT offers complex injection molded parts in 2 weeks. You don’t have to re-design or simplify your parts for RIT because our revolutionary process allows for production quality tolerances and surface treatment. Our system couples the speed of Proprietary Automation with the skilled mold makers as they are equipped with the most reliable and cutting edge prototypes fabrication.
Prototyping Material Selection
Currently, we now use mainly PU also, HD-PU4210DCP-RIMAXSON-RIM 875 are involved in our manufacturing. Generally, producing each of prototypes within thermoplastic resins is faster than the traditional manufacturing .Getting your satisfactory product is our main consideration. We bear in mind that materials and higher quantities of parts are essential for wide range of application. KAIAO Rapid Injection Tooling (RIT) is specializing for this since it has accumulated for abundant experience.
Rapid injection molding eliminates the need for prototyping since the molds quality and prices are often lower than traditional prototypes. These molds can produce quantified parts making them the best choice for all injection molded components.

Specifications Of Rapid Injection Tooling
High polished and textured surface finishes
Part size up to 2000mmX1200mmX1000mm
Working hour: 15~30 minutes per piece.
Standard replica of accuracy is ±0.20mm/100mm.
Depth of casting molds: 4mm-10mm
Colors and materials available

Our excellent rapid tooling and molding engineers will accompany with you throughout the entire process and suggestion may be given to help get you perfect answer. Have more question, contact us.

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