Smart Molding Production Technology

Smart Molding Production Technology

Smart Molding Production Technology
Following the low cost of human resources is unsustainable and the undergoing development of science technology, automatic and smart manufacturing is bound to become an irreversible trend of modern intelligent molding manufacturing industry. Owing to this, the intelligent rapid injection molding manufacturing has paved the way for the development of rapid prototyping with unique mechanical and thermal properties.

What Is Smart Molding Technology
Basically, it is an equipment that being of sensing, analyzing and controlling. For example, casting molds, which have sensing and temperature controlling capabilities, as well as being able to control infection molding parameter and mold flow state.sensor function

Higher, Longer, Wider
Smart molding manufacturing technology is a new flexible, digital, accurate and green manufacturing technology based on 3D CAD model analyzing. Intellectual moldings usually have advanced level of technology, high extra functions with long life cycle and wide use of application. Casting models will integrate with casting facilities to accomplish the real-time control of core pulling unit and opening unit of casting molds, thus making molds intelligent and improve labor productivity and efficiency with high casting quality. Such that technology can boosts the manufacturing productivity and volume of green production.casting models
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Wide Range Of Application
Energy conservation and emission reduction molds
Highlight molds, laminate and rotate molds, vivid color moulds (aluminum machining) etc.
Precision die mould with sensor function
Medical apparatus and instruments with high accuracy
New energy industry service molds
Huge Demand For Smart Molding
According to china customs statistic, the total number of imports and exports of smart molding is 6.125 billion, increasing almost 24.06% in the same period in 2013.
In conclusion, the smart molding development will improve the sustainable development and redesign the manufacturing industry.

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