Surface Treatment Finishing Services

Surface Treatment Finishing Services

Surface Treatment Finishing Services

Purpose for Rapid Prototype is getting parts exactly as designers’ original thoughts whatever appearance model prototype or functional model prototype, how to achieve this? Must be the most important process of prototype samples surface treatment finishing services. It offers a full range of finishing services, from polishing to painting, plating to anodizing and printing to coating. Below are brief descriptions of the 7 main surface treatments finishing services.

Polishing and Sanding Finishing Services

Rapid Prototype Parts will have a pattern of characteristic scratches whatever CNC Machining, SLA prototype or Vacuum Casting Polyurethane. Polishing and Sanding will remove these which cannot be ignored for appearance model or functional model. We do this process by sand paper usually. Sand Paper is with rubbing abrasive particles on the surface, then fine hand sanding in a variety of grits to prepare your parts for later painting and plating.

Blasting Finishing Services

Blasting is spraying an abrasive media on the surface of the part, it is used to make parts clean and deburr, preparation for mechanically and chemically later surface finishes. Blasting also can make parts to be textured, frosted, pebbled, etc.

Painting Finishing Services

Finishing Services of Painting involves matte, flat, semi-glossy, glossy, can be done on plastic prototype and metal prototype. Painting Colors are usually from PMS book or samples from clients which we will copy from. The advantage of the painting finishing services is we use the finest PPG automotive polyurethanes and the whole painting is in environmental protection as government requirements.

Vapor Polishing Finishing Services

Vapor Polishing is used on CNC PC material for complex functional prototype which needs high transparency, compared to transparent PMMA, it is kept strength and transparency together.

Anodizing Finishing Services

Anodizing Finishing Services is available for metal parts including aluminum, magnesium and titanium. Anodizing helps to resist corrosion, increase surface hardness, improve resistance to wear and dissipate heat, also achieve a beautiful appearance.

Silk Screen Finishing Services

How to make text and logo on the prototype samples? Silkscreen, Printing and Etching. Whatever metal prototype or plastic prototype, select suitable skills against surface and functional features of parts. Large surface with multiple colors, use silkscreen, curved surfaces use printing. But if need much more precise and permanent marks, surely choose etching.

Plating Finishing Services

Plating includes electronic plating and vacuum plating, can be used on plastic and metal parts. It is closely related to polishing finish service, polishing nicer, plating better.

Powder Coating Finishing Services

Powder Coating is only done on metal parts such as aluminum, copper, SS304 ect.  Surface can be glossy, flat and texture.


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