Things to note for cnc precision machining

Things to note for cnc precision machining

         cnc precision machining requires the operator to operate with correct operation and full of energy when machining parts. This is to ensure safe operation.

         Before starting, you need to check whether the moving part is lubricated, and then you can start and check whether the clutch and brake are normal. When the machine is started, it needs to run dry. When you start the power and start the machine, all people must leave the machine work area. It can only be started after handling the sundries on the workbench.

cnc precision machining
         When the machine is running, please note that it is forbidden to put your hand into the slider working area, and it is strictly forbidden to take and place the workpiece by hand. Standard tools must be used when picking and placing workpieces in the die. For example, if you find that the machine has abnormal sounds or a machine malfunction, then you need to immediately turn off the power switch for inspection.

         When changing the mold, the power needs to be turned off. After the punch movement department stops running, the installation or debugging of the mold can be started. After installation and adjustment, move the flywheel by hand to test twice. These are to avoid unnecessary collision between the machine and the product to be processed.

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