What are the processing methods for the appearance of CNC machining parts?

What are the processing methods for the appearance of CNC machining parts?

The general CNC machining parts surface processing method first depends on the technical requirements for processing the surface. However, it should be noted that these technical requests are not necessarily requests that the parts are rules, but sometimes they are higher than the requests on the parts drawing because of the process. For example, due to the non-coincidence of the benchmarks, the processing requirements for the appearance of certain CNC machining parts have been improved. Or, because it is used as a precision benchmark, it may make higher processing requests.

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And after the CNC's technical request for the appearance of the processed parts, it is generally possible to choose a method that can guarantee the final processing of the request, and it is also possible to affirm several processing steps and processing methods of each processing step. Don't mind CNC machining parts and related processing methods, there are requests to meet the quality of parts, good processing economy and high consumption efficiency.

Therefore, when choosing a processing method, you should consider the following elements. Any CNC processing method can achieve a considerable range of processing accuracy and appearance roughness, but only in a narrow range is economical. Processing accuracy is economical processing accuracy.

For this reason, when choosing a processing method, the corresponding processing method that can achieve economical processing accuracy should be selected to consider the nature of the CNC processed parts data. Think about the structure, shape and size of CNC machining parts.

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