What to pay attention to when printing for the first time in 3D printing

What to pay attention to when printing for the first time in 3D printing

To avoid the failure of the first printing during 3D printing processing, what should be paid attention to when printing for 3D printing processing for the first time? Before printing, please check whether the Z axis is working normally; whether the platform is attached to the curing screen; whether the UV lamp is displayed normally.

To print the model, you need to insert the U disk into the USB interface on the front of the machine, wear a mask and gloves, and then slowly pour the resin into the hopper during the resin printing process. Close the top cover to avoid direct sunlight and ensure that the desktop is flat. Do not shake.

If you find that the resin is not enough to print the model during the printing process, you can click “Pause”. After the Z axis is raised, slowly add the resin to the hopper. Click “Print” and continue printing after the Z axis is lowered.

Dispose of the mold residue. After the printing is completed, the residual resin on the loan platform no longer drips. Loosen the platform fixing knob and remove the platform. Shovel the model with a shovel and wash it with 90% ethanol.

Curing failure indicates that solid residue may remain in the resin in the hopper under incomplete curing or printing failure. It is recommended that after each printing is completed, the resin in the hopper be filtered out of the residue with a funnel and stored in a sealed tank. If the residue is not filtered for leveling or printing, the curing screen may be crushed when the platform is lowered.

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