Advantages of Rapid Prototyping service Technology

          Rapid Prototyping service technology breaks through the traditional part processing method of “blank-cutting-finished product”, and it is a new way of making parts with

3d printing metal 3d printing benefits

In the 3d printing service industry, the momentum of metal 3D printing is almost unparalleled. Metal 3D printing has become the fastest growing part of the 3D printing industry, which has also led to the rapid developmen

4 major application areas of rapid prototyping service processing technology

Speaking of the rapid prototyping service processing technology, the first thing that people will think of is its rich application area. Due to the strong competition in manufacturing industries today, the speed of produ

5 advantages of Rapid Prototyping

In the past few decades, manufacturing has changed a lot. like what New production methods such as Rapid Prototyping, 3D printing, and CNC machining have entered the market, opening up new ways for manufacturing improvem

Basic introduction of Vacuum Casting

Vacuum Casting is actually the casting process of metal melting, pouring and crystallization in a vacuum chamber. Vacuum casting can generally minimize the gas content in the metal, which can prevent metal oxidation.

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