Silicone Molds&Vacuum Casting

FAQ: Silicone Molds&Vacuum Casting Vacuum Casting Process Vacuum Casting components can be used in applications from automotive pipes, digital products covers to electronic appliance frames. All possible withou

SGS Supplier- KAIAO Rapid Prototype Company

SGS Supplier in KAIAO SGS is the world leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. With long term good performance of public reputation in rapid prototype company, we have been recogni

Advantages of three types of Vacuum casting

Vacuum casting can use the process of ventilation casting mold, this process can rely on the air pressure to melt the metal into the casting mold, and then remove the air to form a vacuum. This casting method is generall

Rapid 3d prototyping technology causes wire breakage

(1) Problems with printed materials            FDM rapid prototyping machine rapid 3d prototyping generally requires the material to be heated and melted, and then the filament is extrude

What aspects of rapid cnc prototyping need attention?

In the rapid cnc prototyping process of injection molded parts, the injection molding machine works fast under high pressure, high speed and high temperature. The injection mechanism is a high pressure, high speed and lo

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