Prototyping Plastic Parts

How to Prototype Plastic Parts and Models?                                      KAIAO manufactures refined plastic parts as

Rapid Injection Molding

Fast design-Rapid Injection Molding TechnologyPrototypes play a crux to the development of plastic injection molded components. Rapid injection molding is a fast and economical way for injection prototypes molding compan

Silicone Molds&Vacuum Casting

Vacuum Casting ProcessVacuum Casting components can be used in applications from automotive pipes, digital products covers to electronic appliance frames. All possible without the need for hard steel tooling. The vacuum

Precision Aluminum Machining Assembly

CNC Machining is often the most effective process for producing prototypes, patterns and short-run production parts. KAIAO utilizes high-speed CNC equipment to produce precision aluminum machining par

Smart Molding Production Technology

Following the low cost of human resources is unsustainable and the undergoing development of science technology, automatic and smart manufacturing is bound to become an irreversible trend of modern intelligent molding ma

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