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KAIAO offers a fast and inexpensive solution to simple model making with rapid prototyping. Such as: CNC, SLA, Vacuum Casting, RIM and so on.
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Listen to our clients:"The structure of your mock up works well. And as usual, you provided very good high definition cosmetic finishing. "
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Automobile and vehicle Transportation


Spectacular Concept Car Models are manufactured by KAIAO, in Shenzhen China! Chunrui Huang, a recent graduate from the Wu Han University of Technology, commissioned KAIAO (as a student of Industrial Design) to manufacture a model of his sleek stylish vision of futuristic transportation, reminiscent of imagery in TRON 2.


Chunrui contacted KAIAO with a dream, 3D data and a delivery date…and after one week was holding a completed concept car rapid prototype in his hands. Chunrui trusted KAIAO production experts and specialists to make a model that would represent him in front of professors, peers, friends, family, and most importantly prospect employers.



According to Chunrui’s 3D data, the overall dimensions were (1314 x 3450 x 1735) mm. Chunrui requested the model to be made at 1:10 scale. Chunrui also requested the parts to be made so that the model could be assembled and disassembled. Finally Chunrui requested Finishing: Polishing, Painting, Silk Screening, and Electro Plating.


To produce the Visual Effect for the Top Cover Panel KAIAO used black PMMA, which was meticulously sanded and polished by Senior Polishing Technicians. A special custom fixture was designed and made to accurately Silk Screen the curved surface of the Top Cover Panel. The final result was impressive and pleased Chunrui.


“Mr. Cheng,


I have received the model. I am happy and satisfied with the result.

Thank you very much! ”

                                           —— Chunrui Huang (from Wu Han University of Technology)


  KAIAO congratulates Huang Chunrui on graduating from Wu Han University of Technology and best wishes for all design dreams to come true.   

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