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Functional Prototypes (Models) (also called a working prototypes) will, to the greatest extent practical, attempt to simulate the final design, aesthetics, materials and functionality of the intended design.


In fact, our KAIAO offer the highest level of accuracy and precision CNC rapid prototyping, SLA rapid prototype,  vacuum casting models.  With an extremely smooth surface finish our models rarely need to be sanded but they can stand up to a variety of other secondary processes; they can be painted, silk screen, plated, oxidated, drilled, tapped and machined. Go ahead – put them to the test!


This highest functional prototype was produced according to the 3D data from client. With our experiences, we cut the product and do the assembled structure design processing. The middle frame and the battery cover are applying the over molding technology of vacuum casting, and the soft robber and button area applied the vacuum injection using the colored PU, and we had also added the silicon pad to make the model feel more like the real one.



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We did paint, silk screen, laser mark and other process to make the model no mater from visual, structure or touch all feel like a real model, as if it could be use only after assembling the electronic in. This model had completely reflected every processes technology during being producting.


When the client got the model, they felt extremely motivating and said “this is the best prototype product we had never see, your company had solve the visual and mechanism problem at the same time, thank you very much for producing these high quality products economically in such a short time”.


It is true that KAIAO are always prepared for new challenges.

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