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Sheet Metal Processing service

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Rapid-sheet-metal prototype and low volume fabrication:

Rapid-Sheet-Metal made
At KAIAO rapid manufacturing, we can make rapid-sheet-metal protototype and low volume fabrication parts with fast lead time and good quality. With a variety of materials choices and without any MOQ requirement, we can make your first sample sheet metal piece for your verification, when you’re ready; we also provide low volume manufacturing of 100,000+ parts.

What is Sheet Metal?
Rapid-Sheet-metal and low volume fabrication is one of the industrial processes used in metalworking and manufacturing into thin, flat pieces, it can be cut or bent into a variety of different shapes. Everyday a lot of objects are fabricated from sheet metal with significantly thickness. Many different metals can be made into sheet metal, for example, aluminum(Al6061-T6, Al5051-H32), brass, copper, steel(SS303, SS304, SS316), nickel, SGCC, SECC or even titanium. If requires appearance, the sheet metals can be painted, plating, anodized, powder coat into different colors and finishes.

Sheet metal processing 9 (5)

Advantages of making Sheet Metal:
How can rapid-sheet-metal help you and your business? Here are just some of the ways:

1. Faster lead time than CNC metal machining;
2. Low cost metal work from qty 1 to large quantity fabrication;
3. Allow for faster design changes;
4. Can be cut and bent into any shape with different angles;
5. Respond quickly to shorter product life cycles;
6. Multiple metal materials available, normally from thickness 0.5mm to 3.0mm for different materials;
7. Standard thickness material, no need to worry about the block size while doing design;
8. Different post treatment applicable into any colors and finishing.

Application of rapid sheet metal manufacturing parts:
Rapid Sheet metal prototype and low volume fabrication is used in automotive applications such as automobile, truck, car, lorry bodies, airplane fuselages and wings, seats, medical tables, roofs for buildings, 

ATM bodies and so on.

KAIAO rapid Sheet Metal:
With the condition of fulfilling the functions and appearances, the design of Rapid-Sheet-Metal need to ensure that the punching, cutting, bending process can be simple and dimension stable, 

This is a key to get a cheap low cost for sheet metals.
When we get the files of the rapid sheet metal, we will choose the machining technology accordingly, of which there are laser cutting, punching, bending and inserts mounting, for those abnormal shapes, 

The edges will have burrs that need to be removed after cutting, if the cosmetic still feel shape, we will do sanding smooth to make the surface look good.

One of the most important processes of rapid-sheet-metal is the bending, this is a key for the dimension stable and commitment to the tolerances, normally we will bend inner shape then outer shape, to bend the small shape then bigger shape, and to bend special shape then to the simple shape, if there is bending shape that need to bend to the bend, normally to bend to about 30~40°, then use flat mold to press it to the end.
After all these processes are finished, the parts will go to do the post finishing if required. Different rapid sheet metal material will do different finishing, for example, aluminum sheet metal can do anodized, painting, plating, powder coat, while for steel and zinc plating sheet metal material, the finishing will be painting, plating, powder coat but not anodized.
No matte you are looking for sheet metal parts in quantity one piece or large amount quantities, KAIAO is able to provide you parts quickly and cheaply, just print the Request a Quote, we can talk now.




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