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Stereo Lithography

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SLA (Stereo Lithographic Apparatus) RP technologies are based on the Polymerization of Photopolymer Resins.  SLA is one of the most effective forms of Additive Rapid Prototyping.  Using 3D data in .stl file format, we produce high resolution form, fit, and functional parts. We can take your idea from Concept Design to complex Solid Model in a matter of hours.  SLA is excellent for rapid production of small electronics, appliances, and medical devices.

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The SLA process uses an Ultraviolet Laser to cure the Photopolymer Resin layer by layer according to the 3D data.  The cured Photopolymer Resin layers are: (0.1 to 0.15 mm thick).  The SLA process ensures a (±0.1 mm Precision Tolerance) of the parts providing fine details.  KAIAO can satisfy your production requirements.  With our knowledge and experience, we produce High Quality SLA models in a shorter time and at a lower cost than other suppliers.


The SLA process eliminates the need for traditional machining methods and does not require the time-consuming programming or the design of clamping tools as CNC machining requires.  The SLA process improves production efficiency and offers flexibility for secondary processes.  Coupled with our Vacuum Casting processes and our Post Production Finishing processes, KAIAO can transform SLA models into visually stunning Rapid Prototypes or Real Products.


The SLA process is the perfect choice to produce quick Concept Models or Master Patterns used for Silicone Mold Making to produce Vacuum Castings.  The SLA process allows for the production of small delicate shapes such as ornaments or artwork, and for the production of complicated shapes such as hollowed or undercut designs that are impossible or difficult to produce by CNC.  The SLA process also reduces Post Production Finishing time and cost.



KAIAO is the first state founded Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing Service Center in mainland China.  We are experienced in SLA modeling.  At KAIAO we use 3DSystems Viper SLA machines with Photopolymer Resins such as: Huntsman RenShape and SOMOS NeXt.  Our SLA Technicians produce high quality products and provide excellent customer service experience.


1)   The 3D data is converted into a (.stl) file format.

2)   Using the software program, the Virtual Objects are placed on the Virtual Part Tray.

3)   Using the software program, layering is selected and Structural Supports are designed.

4)   The computer controls a UV Laser, drawing geometric shapes of the part layer by layer.

5)   Photopolymer Resin reacts to the UV Laser, curing and forming thin solidified layers.

6)   The Part Tray sequentially lowers (0.1 to 0.15 mm) as each layer is drawn and solified.

7)   Solidified layers bond together and the process is repeated to form a finished part.

8)   Structural Supports are removed, parts are washed and Post Production Finished.

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